Churchill School

Aims & Values

Our Aims

  • As part of the Unity Schools Partnership Trust Churchill School will promote the trust values based around promoting ethical leadership, inclusion, excellent communication, endless ambitions, strong relationships and belief in success for all.
  • To provide a relevant, broad and balanced education for every child.
  • To create a culture of achievement, by stimulating a desire to learn, raising aspirations, opening up on a wide range of opportunities and working towards external accreditation for our students.
  • To promote health, well-being, happiness, enjoyment, and independence in a stimulating, yet safe, secure and caring environment.
  • To promote self-worth and enthusiasm by encouraging independent learning at all age levels.
  • To value and respect individuals, recognising their strengths, encouraging them to develop their abilities, and helping them show positive attitudes towards others.
  • To promote social interaction through developing communication, language and literacy and reducing anxiety and unnecessary stress.
  • To prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities of a complex and technologically advanced society through creative, innovative and motivating approaches to teaching and learning.

Our Values

Taking ownership of our own successes and understanding how our actions affect ourselves and others

Valuing ourselves, others and the things around us

Staying strong when things go wrong.
Bouncing back and trying again

Being brave when faced with challenges of life

Caring about others and the world around us