Churchill School

Occupational Therapy Provision

Paediatric Occupational Therapists help children and young people to function with maximum independence in their daily roles and occupations. The focus within the school environment is on supporting students’ functional skills development and engagement with the curriculum.

Students are assessed by a qualified Occupational Therapist upon entry to Churchill School to identify any areas of need.  These areas may include; gross or fine motor skills, self-help skills, visual perception or sensory needs.

Interventions are then planned if required, and these are tailored to meet each student’s individualised needs. Progress is monitored on an ongoing basis. Feedback is provided regularly through liaison with parents and school staff, the use of formal written reports and contribution to annual reviews.

Students at Churchill School benefit from access to an equipped sensory lights room, swing room and sports hall. If required, equipment to support students to manage their sensory needs within the school setting is provided.