Churchill School

School Closure Status

In the event of a school closure, information will be posted here and families will be notified via Parentmail.

You can also check the recently updated Suffolk County Council schools status page from the following link.

Closure due to bad weather

In the event of snow we will do all we can to stay open because we believe that the learning of our students is paramount and that it may be difficult to find last-minute child care arrangements. We also want to teach our students to take responsibility in more ‘difficult’ situations. We also recognise the genuine difficulties some of our students and staff have in getting into school safely if they live some distance from the school.

Our preferred strategy is to keep the school open, whilst recognising that some staff and students will not be able to get in, and some lessons may be disrupted. We will only close in the event of exceptional weather.

If the taxis do not run because of the conditions, parents will need to decide themselves what arrangements to take.

In the event of bad weather we will relay the information on the local radio:

  • Heart FM on 97.1 or 96.4 FM
  • Radio Suffolk 95.5, 95.9, 103.9 or 104.6 FM (Radio Suffolk will have timed updates at 10 minutes past and 20 minutes to each hour)

If you do not hear Churchill School named assume we are open. We will try to add a message on the school website.

Please do not telephone the school to enquire as it clogs the school line and prevents necessary outgoing calls. It is important that we are informed of any contact detail changes and someone is always available in emergency.