Churchill School

Home Learning

“Homework is widely accepted as an essential and valuable element of learning … good practice in homework builds upon and reflects broader changes in education thinking, relating to learning as a life long process.”


As a general rule homework will only apply to those children integrating into the Academy, however we encourage all students to engage in some self-study at home and particularly those students working towards GCSEs. Specialist staff will be happy to provide further help and advice and GCSE Pod is available from the link below for all Churchill students.

The Purpose of Home Learning

  • Building and maintaining an effective partnership between the school and the parents in pursuing the aims of the school,
  • Consolidating and reinforcing skills, knowledge and understanding,
  • Exploiting opportunities for learning of all kinds at home and in the community,
  • Ensuring progression towards independence and individual responsibility. This is vital given the importance for students in the future of lifelong learning and adaptability,
  • Improving the quality of learning experience offered to students,
  • Managing the demands of examination courses such as GCSE coursework.