Churchill School

Physical Education

Through Physical Education (PE), students develop self-management, interpersonal and movement skills to help them become empowered, self-confident and socially responsible citizens.

The learning experiences in PE provide students with a foundation to actively contribute to, and advocate for, the health, safety and wellbeing of themselves and others in the community and beyond school.

Students are provided with opportunities to participate in physical activity to develop movement skills and recognise the impact of physical activity on health and wellbeing. 

Within the PE curriculum, physical, social, cognitive and emotional elements of learning are embedded through structured and progressive sequences of learning for all key stages.

Personal Development in PE:

  • Promotes and delivers teaching to support students with understanding the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Supports mental wellbeing
  • Develops the students resilience, confidence and independence, so that they can contribute positively to the life of the school and their wider environment
  • Encourages students to mix with other schools through competitive and non-competitive competitions
  • Ability to recognise the difference between right and wrong and to readily apply this.
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